Abbott to Baars
Bacon to Bennett
Benson to Boston
Bowen to Butcher
Butler to Cawley
Chambers to Corder
Coyne to Davis
Davis to Draper
Dreher to Faubert
Faubion to Foss
Foster to Goodman
Gottschalk to Hamblin
Hammond to Herrington
Hilbert to Houston
Huesties to Johnson
Johnson to Kover
Krahenbuhl to Lavender
Laybourn to Lorent
Lotz to Martin
Mattern to Meeker
Meeks to Moles
Moore to Nelson
Neyens to Olsen
Olson to Polk
Poquette to Renniger
Renner to Rowan
Rowe to Schumacher
Sechles to Slater
Smith to Starriet
Stearns to Strege
Strickland to Thompson
Thompson to Van Hamme
Von Olnhausen to Weiggands
Welch to White
Wokal to Zweifel

Last updated: October 24, 2015

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