Top Row: Unknown, Rich Widrig, Joe Wirfs, Paul Sinclair, Pete Traeger, Unknown, Unknown, Unknown, Unknown, Chuck Salina, Tom Cawley, Unknown, Unknown, Unknown
2nd Row: David True, Unknown, David Welsh, Unknown, Robert Sisk, Peter Turping, Unknown, Jim Schirado, Unknown, Frank Sedlacek, Unknown, Unknown, Unknown, Unknown
3rd Row: Donna O'Claire, Unknown, Janet Thomas, Unknown, Janice Soehlein, Martha Resch, Darlen Swanson, Mary Jane Tadlock, Susie Reese, Liz Trujillo
Bottom Row: Kathy Zanger, Unknown, Toni Stankiewitz, Marya Nowakowski, Unknown Kathy Voiland, Vicky Vetter, Unknown, Becky Stocker, Unknown

If you know a missing kid or want to correct a name or spelling,
please email me at .
It'll help if you place them by row and position.

Last updated: October 16, 2015

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