Jason Lee: 6th Grade - Miss Soper 1953-1964

Top Row: Marilyn Hammer, Pam Mattern, Miss Diane Soper, Principal - Lois Peterson, Robert(?) Abraham, Karen Boulange, Ray Nelson
4th Row: Don Slater, Kathy Perkins, Tony Ogden, Unknown
3rd Row: Duane Shults, Debi Mars, Aaron Gunter, Ron Caraway
2nd Row: Mike Curtis, Mike Dean, Janet Switzer, Mike Schneider, Stephen Fowler, Devon Clark
1st Row: Sherlynn Tracy, Tom Wiitala, Brian Harding, Janis Mudd, Lori Meeks

thanx to Duane Schults for the photo and names...
If you know any of these kids (or would like to make a correction,
please email me at .
Please place them by row and position.

Last updated: October 27, 2016

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