Spalding: 3rd Grade - Mrs. Glenn 1960 - 1961

Top Row: Mrs. Glenn, Mindy Chockie, Ron Slater, LaRee Garrett, Jan Barber (or Joel)
Second Row: John Dangerfield, Unknown, Bert Hammill, Sally Eakin, Steve Nugent, Sally Huck, Unknown
Third Row: Martha Greer, Steve Reninger, Barb Genoway, Mike Richmond, Unknown, Mike Fields, Teresa Houghan (or Patty Sexton)
Bottom Row: Jeff Bloomstrand, Steve Krahenbuhl, Clint ?, Unknown, Tom Wood, Marcia Nelson?, John Boasen

thanx to Ron Slater for the photo...and Steve Hinkle for names update 2017!
If you know any of these kids (or would like to make a correction,
please email me at .
Please place them by row and position.

Last updated: July 13, 2017

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