Spalding: 4th Grade - Mr. Matthews 1961-1962

Top Row: Mr. Matthews, Steve Nugent, Donna Wilson, Dale Wardell, Janet Barker, Rick Lee, Harry Rice
Second Row: JoLynn Ward, Paul Quinn, Marcia Volkman, Mike Fields, Daisy Cartwright, Bill Bishop, Steve Dreher
Third Row: Bob Jacobs, Susan Furner, Debby Brown, Tommy Thompson, Donna Hopkins, Bruce Miller, Sally Huck
Bottom Row: Vickie Morgan, Mike Richmond, Lee Deusser, Ron Bowen, Kathy Rowe, John Dangerfield, Patsy Sexton

thanx to Mr. Matthews for the photo & names...
If you know any of these kids (or would like to make a correction,
please email me at .
Please place them by row and position.

Last updated: October 9, 2015

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