Top Row: Kevin Schmidt, Janet Cates, Mark Greiner, Judy Chase, Candace DeVries, Clinton Berry, Vikki Kestell, Dan Cartmell.
2nd Row: Jim Bacon, Rhonda Duchemin, Steve Brodaczynski, Judy Lorenzen, Cheryl Benson, Joe Voiland, Cathy Clossey, Mike Weiggands, Mary Haskins, Mike Nash.
3rd Row: Michael Ervin, Anne Crowley, Greg Huff, Cheryl Hickey, John Baker, Mary Ghirardo, Debby Bryant, Pete Traeger, Mary Loftus, Bob Hodgson.
4th Row: Kevin Kohler, Margaret Charette, Ken Artz, Donna O'Claire, Laura Hosack, Lester Gire, Margaret Cone, Jeff Brown, Chris Manley, Joel Gregor.
Bottom Row: Paul Casey, Claudia Moberg, Gary Nicholaus, Cathy Knoeber, Unknown, JoAnn Gettings, Veronica Lynch, Jon Artz, Margaret Fennessy, Bob Heaton.

thanx to Vikki Kestell for the photos...
and Jim Bacon, Anne Crowley (Mabbutt), Kevin Schmidt and Jeff Brown for the corrections...
If you know the missing kid or want to correct a name or spelling,
please email me at .
It'll help if you place them by row and position.

Last updated: October 16, 2015

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