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  • 9.18.17...added Elaine Tesky (Hawkins) to the email page
  • 9.7.17...added obits links (Brodacynski & Killand) on the Memory page
  • 8.21.17...fixed Becky Stocker's name on the email page
  • 8.6.17...added Ron Foraker to the donors page (thanx, Ron!)
  • 8.6.17...added Tom Curd to the email page
  • 7.23.17...added second Medicare Party photo collage to the Reunion page (thanx again, Nancy Moore!)
  • 7.14.17...added Jan Barber to the email page
  • 7.14.17...added Medicare Party photo collage to the Reunion page (thanx, Nancy Moore!)
  • 7.13.17...added some names to Spalding class photos (thanx, Steve Hinkle!)
  • 7.7.17... Added obit link for Rick Myers to the memory page...
  • 7.1.17... Added Rick Myers to the memory page...another sigh...
  • 6.26.17...added Craig Mills to the roster page
  • 6.22.17...added Lynn Belew (Schmidt's) email address and fixed a typo on the roster page (sorry, Roger)
  • 6.15.17...added Peggy Deobald's email address
  • 6.12.17...added Kris Rau's (Bonewell) email address
  • 5.30.17...added Judiee Chase (Gibson) and updated Bob Carroll's email address
  • 5.8.17... Added Mike Figg to the memory page...sigh...
  • 4.23.17...updated Liz Trujillo (Cooper) and Don Draper's email address
  • 4.20.17...added Laurie Raile (Williamson) to the Donor page (thanx,Laurie!)
  • 4.17.17...updated Deb Norbeck (Smith)'s email address
  • 4.15.17...updated email addresses for Carl Robbert, Marcia (Lucas) Foss and Rich Widrig
  • 4.13.17...updated Jeannie Budd's email address
  • 4.10.17...fixed spelling of Becky Stocker's last name (Roster and Email!)
  • 4.2.17...Added Bob Gustavson and Lance Willis to the donor page (many thanx to both!)
  • 3.20.17...added Steve Hinkle to the Donor page (thanx, and good to see you,Steve!)
  • 3.20.17...changed email address for Gina Evans
  • 3.17.17...added Steve Jones to the Donor page (thanx,Steve!)
  • 3.17.17...added Don Schroder to the Donor page (thanx, 'Eagle Eye"!)
  • 3.13.17...updated the memory page with obits...
  • 3.13.17...added Tom Brown, Monte Berrett and Greg Larson to the Donor page (many thanx, all!)
  • 3.13.17...sent out email updates and added Medicare party to the reunions page
  • 2.27.17...added Ron Slater to the Donor page (thanx, Ron!)
  • 2.24.17...added Dick Boston to the Donor page (thanx, Dick!)
  • 1.10.17... Added Steve Dreher and Mark Saucier to the memory page...sigh...
  • 1.5.17...fixed and finalized names for Mr Nielsen 5th Grade (Marcus Whitman)...thanx Mr. Nielsen!

Last updated: September 18, 2017

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