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  • 2.18.18...added Gary Gestson's email address & updated Sophie Valdez (Vargas) email address
  • 2.13.18...added donors to the Donor Page... thanx to Mike & Lori Hogan and Greg Larson!!
  • 2.8.18...added donors to the Donor Page... thanx to Obie Amacker, Monte Berrett, Jack Spanner and Terry Hodgson (Buechler)!!
  • 2.8.18...updated Jeannie Budd (Goldsmith's) email address
  • 2.3.18...updated Val Trent's email address
  • 2.2.18...updated Becky Stocker & Kathy Perkin's email addresses
  • 1.22 thru 1.29.18... fixes on the Memory page......thanx, Maren...

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