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Benson, Vicki (McMakin)

Cook, Mike
Craig, Andrew

Decker, Debra (Gaither)
Devries, Candy

Forbes, Ken
Forte, Kathy

Gates, Norma
George, Linda
Green, Jay
Griffin, William

Hall, Earl
Heaton, Robert
Hogan, Tom
Holden, Brad
Horton, Laurie (O'Toole)
House, Judith (Atkinson)

Ingawanup, Debbie
Ingalsbe, Cassie (McElroy)

Jensen, Linda (Duthie)
Johnson, Robert

Kirby, Anne
Kitchen, Kay
Knight, Evelyn
Kusler, Keith

Large, Harold
Loasby, Carol (Wood)
Lynch, Veronica (Wigle)

Maher, Chris (Conner)
Mattern, Pam (Zanella)
May, Rick
McDonald, Connie (Reidy)
Mettling, Cynthia

Nielsen, Mark
Norwood, Sam

Oathes, Gail

Parker, Grant
Peters, Lynn

Reynolds, Louis
Ricks, Donna (Kelly)

Sedlacek, Frank
Shamilte, Ed
Sherrard, Ann (Batson)
Smith, Lawrence Martin
Somdahl, Shirley
Stearns, Cheryl (Large)

Tangen, Gary
Taylor, Martha
Tisdale, Rick

Voiland, Joe

Walston, Roy
Wander, Robert Lee
Wood, Nita (Timm)

Young, Mary

Last updated: October 20, 2017

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